MNPG Ideation Bank is on a journey of helping individuals and business to think, build, realize and package ideas.

The best practices that the MNPG Ideation Bank employs is to analyze a path with these different steps:

  • Brainstorming– before the idea, there is a something magical that happens in the area of facilitation.

  • Lightbulb– the eureka moment, when the individual or group are on to something.

  • Action– most important step in the evolution of the idea, where it becomes to take form in reality.

  • Product– end result of ideation, a result that can be sold or distributed.

Are there other ways to get to the heart of ideation, that aren’t included? Sure, but these are the core steps that any enterprise will go through. Ideation is embedded within most entrepreneurial startups, and there are various more complex loops that are prescribed by innovators, but only by understanding this particular process can an idea scale into reality.

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